Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gosh its been a while but my excuse is that I have had a year of ill health and a long stay in hospital. however every cloud has a silver lining and i have been able to paint if nothing else and this has enabled me to spend almost a year developing work whilst I recover.
I have a website which shows most of my work but it is now split into illustration and fine art.. the fine art for Art galleries and illustration work sold online

Here are some examples of the fine art .. I became a bit obsessed about food due to the fact I have had to eat well to try and help myself..

So here are some of  the outcomes of fine art work..
new galleries in Cornwall London and Norfolk Kirkudbright Argyll Dunbar and new ones next year

and here are some samples of illustration work 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Well this year has kicked off to a nice start although  my health is not so great I am trying to build up some kind of business that can be done from home and painting full time seems to be the answer.
I have just signed a contract with the lovely Scottish Publishers Tartan 2cv who are publishing some of my artwork I am hoping that these will be available for people to buy in another few weeks. I am also taking part in an exhibition at the Juno Gallery May and June if you would like an invite please get in touch with them they are very friendly. 

I'm going to be good and start to publish a bit of news every month.. so sign up and watch this space...

" Seed Machines" Acrylic Morag Lloyds 2015